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Creative Talent is universal

How often have you found yourself admiring the craft work and creativity of another person and wishing that your craft was as worthy of admiration? To add insult to injury, have you ever purchased an object that you sincerely believe you can make or do better? This may be of little consolation, but you are probably selling your creative talents short. I believe that creative talent is a universal gift and that you are more creative than you give yourself credit for. Today, I would like you to follow along with me and turn your latent creativity into some solid cash. Don’t believe you can do so? Let’s put this to the test!

Making Bead Jewelry

We shall begin by doing a simple project that requires only a few simple supplies. We shall make a simple bead necklace. For this project, we shall need: a medium-sized needle, a needle-nosed pliers, preferably round-tipped, an assortment of beads, glass preferably, in various sizes, a roll of polythene thread (commonly called catgut) and a pair of scissors. You will also need a free space to perform your task; a small table about the size of a card table should do fine. The table should have good lighting. This is essential.

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glass bead necklace

bead necklace by admin (2017)

Beginning a Necklace pattern

On the table, lay out your supplies in a very easy-to-reach method. You can place your bead assortment on a soup plate. This makes the bead designs easier to distinguish. Cut a piece of polythene string long enough to easily slip over your head. Do not cut this piece of string too short; add about 2 inches extra. At one end of the string, tie a knot large enough to keep a small bead from falling off the string. This shall be our anchor bead and shall be our starting point for our jewelry design. If you need to, you can utilize the needle to string the beads onto the string. Simply pass a short portion of the string through the needle, enough to leave the longer portion of the string on which to string the beads. Polythene string usually is able to slide easily through the holes in the beads, making use of the needle unnecessary.


Designing Your Necklace Pattern

Before placing another bead on the string, you must consider creating a pattern, or design, for building up your bead placements. How do you want your finished product to appear? A pattern may be thought of as the sequence of placing the beads. Do you want a color sequence, a size sequence, a block of color followed by a block of another color sequence, or a solid necklace in one color, etc? For example, would you like your necklace to display, say, red beads followed by white beads? How many of each color? Once you have decided, that pattern must be followed consistently until your necklace is completed. The pattern choices are many, limited only by your imagination.

setting a pattern in bead jewelry

setting pattern

Securing your Finished Necklace

Once you have completed your bead circuit, make sure that you have left ample space for securing the two ends of the string. Place them together and tie them into a knot. Placing two or sometimes three knots may be needed. Try to pull the ends apart until you are satisfied that the knots will hold securely and that your necklace will not unravel. Viola! You have created yourself a necklace! Placing a dab of glue on knots help to fasten them better. You may wish to spruce up the fasteners on your necklace by using metal fasteners, which you can purchase from craft stores. For now, that is not necessary. However, if you continue to enhance your creative skills, it will become necessary to gather all parts found on commercial jewelry if you wish to compete with professional jewelry designers. Use your scissors to cut off the extra lengths of your string, Again, don’t cut them too close to your finishing knots. Leave a slight projection that you will seal off with a hot surface, causing the ends to fuse together, ensuring that your necklace will never unravel. Try your finished product on to see how it enhances your beauty. It may mean that you no longer have to spend money on similar jewelry anymore.

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Selling your craft

Many people, who sell their craft today, began challenging their creativity in a similar manner. The response they received from friends and neighbors encouraged them to develop their craft commercially. There are many sources of tuition for craft practitioners, even in your neighborhood. Seek them out. Study the various techniques you see demonstrated on every product you can get your hands on. You’ll find that you can either recreate them or even improve them. Jewelry buyers are always on the lookout for unique items and one of your creations may just catch their eye. As your skills develop, you may find that the demand for your work is strong enough to provide you with a full-time income. I know this for a fact because it happened to me and many friends of mine, some of whom are still going strong. Do you know of anyone among your many acquaintances who are making income from challenging their creative talents? Leave a comment below and tell us about it. What are your creative talents? Sometimes your journey of a thousand miles begin with a simple step.

bead jewelry pattern

note pattern

Everyday tools that make money

In my journeys, I have encountered many extraordinary craftsmen and artisans who confessed to me that they were self-taught in their trades. Many of them became masters through necessity and went on to produce highly-sought-after products. They found their calling by not overlooking the possibilities that exist in everyday tools with which they are familiar. If this article opens your eyes to the possibility of even one tool which can make you money, then I have achieved my objective. Share your views and leave me a comment below if this has helped you.

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