Imagine my surprise when I found out about a new artist, Ms Necole Sansbury. Boy, was I surprised. This young lady had been under my radar all the time, without a hint of the greatness she carried around inside her all this time. She is none other than the daughter of the late Fatima Willis. From my review of her artwork, it seems that she is closely following in her mother’s footsteps. Fatima never met a vacant space that she couldn’t spruce up, given a few minutes, some paper and some markers. One of Necole’s aunts is Miss Cindy Williams, a prolific artist and clothing designer in Washington DC and another is Ms. Cheryl Johnson, a gifted sculpture-oriented painter. Necole considers her painting as a “stress reliever”, and I can certainly agree with her sentiments. Her artwork is very soothing and colorful. Her production rate is similar to her mother’s, bearing in mind her caring for 3 active children.

Blessed with unbridled determination, Necole has embodied the indomitable spirit of her late mother and set out to create an independent life for herself and her family. She operates out of the Atlanta area and is surely making her mark in the region.

Fatima and Necole in earlier times

Fatima and Necole in earlier times

However she has the support of the Willis clan from whom she can always seek inspiration should she need it. Like her mother before her, Necole is a lover of Nature and the outdoors, as indicated by her artwork. She is a free spirit and is not limited by arbitrary rules conjured up by “art experts”. She paints it as it appeals to her emotionally.

Necole enjoying the great outdoors

enjoying the great outdoors

As for her motivation, she states: “Painting is my therapy, taking all my emotions and transferring them into color is so relaxing. People often say you can take a mental vacation reading a book. I feel the same about painting, I can see the place I want to be with each stroke of my brush. So I paint for fun, relaxation and therapy.” So sit back and enjoy Necole’s impressions of the world around as she displays to you her artistic view of her surroundings. Enjoy.


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