My Beginning
This site was designed to highlight the deep respect and admiration that I have for the creativity and innovative work of my fellow Artists and Painters everywhere. Since I was very young I developed a love for most things artistic, I started dabbling in drawing and painting, writing poems and stories at an early age
As time progressed, so did my artistic skills. I shared my artworks with everyone who would let me. Through the years, I progressed from pencil and charcoal drawing in black and white to colored pictures in every possible medium I could get my hands on. That was the turning point in my life’s journey as an artist. 

Honing My Artistic Skills
As a wage-earner, I frequently utilised my talents to teach art and soon expanded my artistic knowledge to the wide range of media that abound in the art world.  Primarily being mainly self taught, I have enjoyed the journey immensely. During this period, I was able to experiment with media, new techniques and tools that I gained access to for the first time in my life. It was mainly a period of discovery and innovation for me. It was during this time that I found out that I could do portraits and sculpture. I took pride in sharing every discovery and innovation I came across. I watched in awe the wonderful, magical power that art exhibits to change human lives. I am still in awe of it to this day.

Purpose of This Site
Though many years have passed, the power of art I still cannot explain. The variety of people I have met, the vast quantity of friends I have developed through my possession of this talent is incalculable. I consider myself blessed because I was able to bestow a smile on most of them. Now, in the twilight of my years, through this site I will attempt to show its readers some of what I saw and experienced as I traveled through the various lands and met fabulous people who lived to express the passions of art from the heart. My only hope is that I can do them Justice.